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The Prancing Horse Issue 151 – Second Quarter 2004


The Prancing Horse #151

Secondo Quadrimestre 2004

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


Changes to the FCA Board of Directors by The Scoop
2003 Annual Report from Ferrari Maserati Group by The Scoop
John Coombs, Gauld Mine by Graham Gauld
Triumph and Tragedy, The 1955 World Sports Car Season, by Yves Kaltenbach Book Review
Ferrari Formula 1: Under the Skin of the Championship Winning F1-2000 Book Review
John Von Neuman by Jeff Allison, photos by Allen Kuhn
John Von Neuman 0438 MD, 1492 M, 0474MD, 0604M,0636TR, 0650TR, 0672 MDTR,0680MDTR,0700, 0744, 0704 TR,0710TR, 0718TR, 0750TR, 0768TR,0774TR,500 Mondial, 750 Monza,860 Monza, 500 TR, 625 TRC, 335S,412MI,250TR
The New 2+2: The 612 Scaglietti
Sergio Scaglietti, by Graham Gauld
The Golden Jubilee of the 500 Mondial and 750 Monza by Keith Bluemel, 0446, 0556MD, 0404MD, 0414MD, 0506MD, 0050M/0308M
Whats the Difference, by Robert Phillips, between 500 Mondial and 750 Monza
How Many Type 735 Motors? What Really Happened 50 Years Ago? by Robert Phillips
Specifications, by Robert Phillips Comparing 500 Mondial Series 1, 500 Mondial Series 2 and 750 Monza
Mike Sparken, by Graham Gauld A race driver
Tech Note: Precise Method of Checking or Adjusting Cam Timing by Bill Badurksi
Camp Pendleton Visit by Pacific Region members Region Event
Black Tie Valentines Dinner Dance, New England Region Region Event
Interesting Ferraris at the Classic Adelaide by Graham Gauld
Cavallino Classic Event Review of the 13 annual Florida event, by Jerry McDermott
Ferraris and Maseratis Racing Around the World compilation of Ferrari racing outcomes and events
Charles Pozzi by Graham Gauld

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