The Prancing Horse Issue 144 – Third Quarter 2002


The Prancing Horse #144

Terzo Quadrimestre 2002

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


60 Minutes Interview with Michael Schumacher Rumors, Lies and Innuendoes
Wedding Present 360 Barchetta for Luca di Montezemolo
Bob Said, Racer Obituary
Leon Mandel, Editor Emeritus AutoWeek Obituary
Rob Walker, A Gentlemans Gentleman Obituary
Joe Marchetti Obituary
Ferrari GTO; Gauld Mine by Graham Gauld, S/N 4399GT, S/N 4491GT, S/N 3445GT, S/N 3607GT, S/N 3451GT, S/N 3705GT, S/N 2209GT
Photo Mystery; Can Am Challenge Series photo by Bob Tronolone 144 23
FCA LA 2002: Lights, camera, Action overview of recently completed 2002Annual Meet
FCA International Meet Field and Driving Concours Results overview of concours Major awards
FCA International Meet Field and Driving Concours Results Overview of concours Class Awards
FCA International Meet Field and Driving Concours Results Rally Awards
The Ferrari GTO After 40 years by Jeff Allison
Larry Perkins: S/N 3223GT by Jeff Allison
Mike Gammino: S/N 3387GT and 5571GT by Jeff Allison
Bob Grossman: 3223GT, 3387GT, 4713GT, 5573GT by Jeff Allison
Jess Pourret: 3607GT by Jeff Allison
James McNeil: 3647GT by Jeff Allison
Fred Leydorf: 3765GT by Jeff Allison
Peter Sachs: 4091GT by Jeff Allison
New Hampshire Weekend Getaway; New England Region Event Region Event
Marriott Garage Tour; Mid-Atlantic Region Event Region Event
Ferrari Festival: Empire Region Event Region Event
Sebring Spectacular: Florida Region Event Region Event
The Title Nearly Secure: Formula 1 Update by Jeff Allison
Ferraris in GT Races Around the World by Jeff Allison
A Winning Combination: Dave Seibert details the Exploits of the Ferrari of Washington 360GT by Dave Seibert

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