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The Prancing Horse Issue 117 – Fourth Quarter 1995


The Prancing Horse #117

Quarto Quadrimestre 1995

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


Editorial: David Seiberts Last Column as Prancing Horse Editor by David Seibert
Destroyed Race Cars: Ferraris in the Junk Pile: Gauld Mine by Graham Gauld
The Loss of a Friend: Gianni Diena by Jess Pourret
An Interview with Derek Bell and Brian Redman by Peter Sachs
We Just Wanted to Go Racing by Peter Sachs
Accessories and Highline Regalia Program by Steve Ahlgrim,overview ofavailable watches, pens, pins etc for FCA members
Photo Mystery: Four Four Cylinder Ferraris by Bob Tronolone
European Summer Season F-1 Overview by Roger Shimmell
Ferrari Challenge: Conclusion of the 1995 Ferrari Challenge by David Seibert
Pat Current, FCA Administrator FCA Spotlight
Judd Goldfeder, Director of the Southwest Region FCA Spotlight
Reconstructing Two 512s: Part XVI by David Junker
One Mans Opinion by Tom Oleson
International Events: Forza Ferrari at Suzuka in 1995 by Michitake Isobe, List of Ferraris and serial numbers of attendees
Rocky Mountain Region Inaugural Ferrari Frolicat Stapleton Raceway by Paul Gilpatrick
What I Did Over My Summer Vacation by William Hubbell
A Walk Around Monterey 1995 by Sam Smith and Donovan Leydon, List of Ferraris and serial numbers of attendees
Trivia by Paul Medici

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