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The Prancing Horse Issue 115 – Second Quarter 1995


The Prancing Horse #115

Secondo Quadrimestre 1995

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


Editorial: David Seibert thoughts on Ferrari racing around the world
Jerry Molitor: Director of the Northeast Region FCA Spotlight
Bob Mack: Director of the Florida Region FCA Spotlight
Paper: New Ferrari Yearbooks by Ken Lewis
Racing Up Close: Graham Gauld Goes to Modena and Maranello: Gauld Mine by Graham Gauld
F50 Introduction by Stanley Cohen
F50 Introduction List of Ferraris at the Geneva Motor Show 1995
The Story of #0080E by Jeff Allison
The Story of #0080E The Crossbar Grille Ferraris, Ownership history of Vignale Couple 0080E
The Story of #0080E S/N 0110 Vignale
Ferrari 212 Vignale: A Fixation on a Fine Thing reproduction of Road and Trackarticle
The 412 T2 Debut by Roger Shimmell
Photo Mystery: John von Neumann by Bob Tronolone
The 36 Hours of Florida by Jeff Allison
The 36 Hours of Florida Ferrari Heritage at Daytona
The 36 Hours of Florida The Long Distance Ferrari 333SP
The 36 Hours of Florida The Politics at Daytona: by David Seibert
Ferrari Challenge by David Seibert
Cavallino Classic IV by Bob Pease
Cavallino Classic IV List of Ferraris, owners, serial numbers of award winners
Trivia: American Grand Prix Racers by Paul Medici
Rocky Mountain Region News Region events
Northeast Region Vermont Blah Busters Region Events
Camshaft Timing: Tech Tips by Bill Badurski

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