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The Prancing Horse Issue 111 – Second Quarter 1994


The Prancing Horse #111

Secondo Quadrimestre 1994

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


Editorial: Ferrari Racing is Back by David Seibert
Interview with Dott. Gian Luigi Buitoni by Peter Sachs
Ferrari 412 T1 photo essay by Daniele Amaduzzi
Once Upon a Time in Modena by Marcel Massini
348 Challenge: the 348 Challenge Begins initial races in North America
348 Challenge Points Standings After Two Races initial races in North America
One Ferrari: Two Ferrari Engines 24 Hours by Steve Piantieri
F40 LM Track Test by George Nuse
Handcrafted Masterpiece: A Ferrari 312 PB in1/3 Scale by Dominique Lahuec
One Mans Opinion: is There a Renault in our Future? by Tom Oleson
International Motor Show: 1994: Geneva, Switzerland overview of annual new carshow, Ferraris at the annual show in Geneva incl serial numbers
Ferraris at the 1993 IAA by Andreas Birner, cars inattendance, with serial numbers
Photo Mystery: 24 Race Drivers by Bon Tronolone
Cavallino Classic III by Bob Pease
Wendy Eberle, Editor, FCA News Bulletin FCA Spotlight
Linda Prewitt, Director of the Northwest Region FCA Spotlight
International Concours Update by Ed Gilbertson
Five Grand Years: The Colorado Grand 1993 Alan Boe, and Jeff Allison, list of Ferraris in attendance at annualevent, with serial numbers
Art on Wheels: Ferraris and Bugattis by Robert Weeks,list of Ferraris inattendance at annual event, with serial numbers
Pacific Region Virginia City Hill Climb Region Event
Central States Model and Literature Expo Dinner Region Event
Hunt for Ferrari Fiasco by Joan V Preston

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