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The Prancing Horse Issue 103 – Second Quarter 1992


The Prancing Horse #103

Secondo Quadrimestre 1992

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The qurterly magazine of the Ferrari Club of America


Editorial by David Seibert
Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta, by Carlo Anderloni, Valerio Moretti, Stan Nowak Book Review
Ferrari: Salute to the Spyder, by Henry Rassmussen Book Review
Klemantaski & Ferrari, by Louis Klemantaski Book Review
High Value Collector Car Insurance by Barry Tillman and Watts Hill, Jr
Ferrari F 92 A photos by Daniele Amaduzzi
One Mans opinion by Tom Oleson
Ferrari Press Kits by R Lance Hill,list of press kitsissued/produced from 1980 to Enzo Ferraris death
The 375 America; the 4.5 Liter Lampredi Engine Finds a Home by Alan Boe,S/N 0301AL, 0303AL, 0307AL, 0315AL, 0317AL, 0327AL, 0319AL, 0327AL, 0337AL, 0353EU/AL, 0319AL, 0339AL, 0355AL, 0355AL
Dave Cummins sketches of Tour de Rossa car that was never built
Technotes: Testarossa Cooling System Service by Bill Badurski
Alan Boe, FCA Secretary FCA Spotlight
Bob Smith, South Central Region Director FCA Spotlight
Florida Regions 1992 Sebring Track Event Region Event
Central States Gathering at Detroit Auto Show Region Event
IMSA Comp: Where have the Ferrari Spice Cars Gone? by Robert Pease
Different by Design by Bob Michaud
Red Wine, Red Cars by Marilyn Burnside
Reconstructing Two 512s; Part XI by David E Junker
Autocrossing a 308 by John M Kelsey
Trivia by Paul J Medici

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