Fulvia HF, Birth of a Legend – Gianni Tonti & Emanuele Sanfront


Rilegato – pag. 300

ISBN 9782491819033

Editore Edizioni Ephedis

Anno 2022

Testo in Inglese

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The history of the legendary Lancia Fulvia set up in the sports department of the Turin-based company, seen from inside. A book to read all in one breath with technical descriptions, race reports, anecdotes lived by the protagonists.

The book, with a preface by Sandro Munari, recounts the activities of the legendary workshop in Borgo San Paolo di Torino from 1967 to 1974, when Gianni Tonti himself was technical director. This was the period when Lancia’s winning weapon was the Fulvia HF.

The “behind the scenes” of the races are described and reported, the mechanics, their professionalism, their attachment to the brand, some amusing anecdotes, the race strategies, the cunning of the sports director Cesare Fiorio, the technical choices, the activity of drivers and co-drivers.

In short, the story of how the Fulvia was born and built, including its very special evolutions such as the F&M Special boat… and much more.

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